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Grundtvig In-Service Training for Adult Education Staff grants

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Beneficiary: prof. Alina Rotariu

The course I attended is called E-learning in the classroom and it was held from September 01 to September 06 in Prague, Czech Republic.

This training activity was attended by trainees from educational institutions in Malta, Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Romania.

We worked in teams, in groups and individual work. The organizers used video presentations and a video projector.

We had sessions about:

  • Review of IT basics, Graphics and Internet basics
  • E-learning methodology
  • Introduction in Moodle
  • Creating a course
  • Creating a course – individual tasks
  • Using Skype
  • Finding resources
  • Collaborative projects – individual tasks
  • Project presentation
  • Evaluation and course conclusion

We had cultural events, for example: Tour of Prague with a guide and every evening almost all trainees went to have dinner together.

The courses were intensive in a relaxing atmosphere, where I grew a friendly relationship with other trainees.